I started enamelling in 2009. My background is linguistics. I worked for quite a long time at the Dutch Open University. Round 2007 I switched first to jewellery making, and later to enamelling bowls. In The Netherlands there is no art training for enamelling as such; I followed many short courses and workshops here and in Britain.

Although an enamelled bowl at times resembles a ceramics one, actually it’s very different. It’s not made of clay but of copper, unto which glass powder is sifted, and this glass powder gets fused with the metal base by a process of heating. The base can be made of gold, silver or copper. There are also industrial enamels, which in addition to the glass powder contain clay and which can be fused unto steel. The underground with the vitreous enamel on it are heated in an kiln, up to between 650o and 950o.

I enamel only copper bowls, and use most of the time only white and colourless transparent enamels heated up to between 820o and 950o.  This results in various hues and shades anywhere between green and blue, depending on the temperature and length of time the bowl was in the kiln. I enjoy experimenting with  these parameters to reach as many colours and patterns as possible.


You can contact me at: jungerj@xs4all.nl