I started enamelling in 2009, by a series of chances. Before that I was a linguist. I consider myself very lucky in having found something that I really like doing, and that enables me to constantly learn new things.

Enamelling is a very old art and craft. It was for a long time used for decorating jewelry and objects. Contamporary enamelling aspires to being an artistic tool, just like painting, photographing etc. With this change came new techniques. I like using both the traditional techniques and the contemporary ones. The traditional techniques, like plique-a-jour are mostly used for jewelry, and I do the same. For larger surfaces, mainly bowls, I use other, contemporary techniques.

Lately I started to learn silversmithing. It is a whole new field. I am doing it just for the fun of being able to make every now and again my own bowls. This way, I have an enamelled bowl which I have made from scratch.


that's me in my studio

You can contact me at: jungerj@xs4all.nl


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